At the same time (Simultaneously)


(in collaboration with artist Marija Plečko)

The artwork, called “Simultaneously”, consists of two videos projected from the corners of the room by two video projectors. Each of the two videos chronicles the journey of the authors through the natural world – filmed at the same time, in the same location, and seen through the lenses of two cameras (the eyes of the two authors).  However, these are not recordings of trailblazing or nature, but rather of two people, two individuals, their rises and falls, their stumbles, wistful gazes, looking back, moments of security, serenity, excitement, desperation… The videos reveal the authors’ points of separation and reunion, the way they communicate, how they ponder the times, their stride, their breath, their gazes and if they ever  center on the same cloud. How many similarities and differences are there in two separate attempts to achieve the same apparent goal, wish, or ambition? At which moment does a video take on the traits of the person filming and becomes their own? So that even if the videos were switched, the observer can say “that’s her, she’s skipping”, or “that’s her, her gaze wanders.”