Breath or two …

2015 – 2016

(In collaboration with artist Marija Plečko)



„A breath or two…“ is the work that was created for the call for artist of the Triennal of Croatian Sculpture in 2015, but it was never applied. In this context the video, exhibited together with the accompanying documentation, functions asan independed work, but originally it was supposed to serve as a sketch for the originally planed installation. Due to the questionable quality of he video and financial inability to create the work, the video and the concept were never sent to the call for artist. The whole process resulted in extensive documentation in the form of photographs, notes, drawings and videos which served as the material evidence of the effort invested ahd experience acquired by the two students of the Academy of Fine Arts, who work within the institution and state that do not provide or enable much.The idea of the work we were supposed to apply for the Triennal of Croatian Sculpture was to show the breathing of nature. Motors were supposed to be placed under the layer of branches and leaves, which would then alternately raise and lower them, thus simulating the process of breathing. The process was based on the idea of branches set in motion with the help of electric motors, but it ended on our backs. Both literally and figuratively speaking. We crawled under the layer of branches and used our backs to raise the pile, using our bodies as the motors we were not able to afford. After we used up all the possibilities it took us a couple of hours of clearing and several more days to realize that our effort will not turn into a work, but into experience.

Not long time ago, when we were sorting files on the laptop, we stumbled upon the said materials. By looking at the video, at ourselves, we saw life in it in the full sense of the word. We saw effort, attempt, desire, lack of realization, fattigue, desperation, crisis, survival.. We looked at the video not as a sketch, but as an almost finished and complete work, honest and unmanipulated testimony of today, because in its essence that it what it has always been.