To You, about us

2014 – 2016

(in collaboration with artist Marija Plečko)

The basis of Petra Orbanić’s and Marija Plečko’s collaboration and creative process emerges from their friendship and shared fascination with nature, walking,climbing and hiking. Thoughts and feelings two artist share encouraged by the activities are manifested in their works; and they are not pure matter and facts. For the artists, who are active subjects of their stories, they are gestures, memories, (un)realized wishes. Every spectator is invited to experience and hear them in their own way; but the artists do not directly talk to the others, but to one another and to oneself. Their art is the product of the union of the individually different characters.

“Lakes and rivers in the mountains are so clear. And everything shines do bright that you can’t tell if the mountain in the lake is a reflection or reality. (…) There are reflections of Marija in me, and there are certainly reflections of me in Marija. Sometimes it seems that the reflection is somewhere in between, or in both of us; Toni once said to us we are becoming much more alike, we dress alike and we talk alike.
We reflect to one point and we use our shadow to suggest another point. From where we will make reflection and the shadow again.
Shadow, reflection – shadow – reflection – shadow – reflection…
In reflection it is a bit bigger, or smaller, mirrored, moved, or rippled, lengthen.
Reflections – cheeks.
We get education.
Cheek against cheek.
When you put your cheek against someone else’s, you get warmer immediately. We don’t get educated for that anymore. They educate us for facts only. They
educate us abour skin and pores, acne and blackheads, dry and mixed skin, types of face powder – nude, ivory, sand… And who educate us abour the warmth of
cheek against cheek? Where is a place for that in education? It seems so important to me.”