Natural pathways


Natural paths. We naturally turn to or from.

A double movement that goes from one to the other and creates a periodic universe. Two-parts that are foldable and unfoldable. And the fragility of these two-parts.

Unity of momentum.

And reinventing.

Natural paths are movements that we do not think about, which are naturally evolving and to which we are aligning ourselves. It does not even have to be an eyevisible physical change, it can be a small vibration, invisible to the eye, which we can only hear if we listen carefully. Because it is natural, for both, plants and us, to move, to breathe, to turn.

Plants make moves, but, at the bottom, they are always fixed. And in their inability to move, they must constantly adjust one to another by turning some of their parts to something (eg the Sun) or from something (eg other plants that shadow them).

And if the plant moves because the other plant has made her a shadow, it means that there is also a real possibility that by moving one of her parts it will make a shadow to another plant. And so, endlessly, plants and us are always adjusting, so when we sound together with something, when unusual tonalities occur, which sometimes do not last longer than a few moments, then we can say that the natural paths connected, then unity is formed. In the future, this unity will probably split up at some point, with the possibility of connection at the same moment when unity splits up – the opportunity to once again come to life together in that periodic universe.