Nothing, but is

2014 – 2016

(in collaboration with artist Marija Plečko)

The basis of work “Nothing, but is” emerges from collaboration with artist Marija Plečko that began in September 2014 with the idea of walking, hiking and climbing as a way of artistic thinking and as a place of research, creation and companionship. We believed that in nature we can find creativity and that coexistence with her is creativity itself. In this context, our hiking has become the method by which we meet ourselves and which purifies our mind leading us to the possibility of unloaded, cleaner, and more intimate artistic expression. We started talking (and creating) with new vocabulary, less loaded, more honest, without big words, messages and social criticism, not speaking directly to others, but to each other and ourselves. 

All these ideas were materialized through the fragments that we collected during the journey, through drawings, writings and recordings. In them the whole process was embodied, they were gestures, memories, granted wishes, and materialized chronicle of one`s (our) longings.

“If you asked us what we were doing we would say: we walk, climb, hike, collect, draw, write, build, talk… We knew when and whenceforth we started, but not where we would end up. Along the way, things that mean nothing were before our eyes transformed into something, and if nothing turned to something, that means that it Was. Nothing was branch and forest and stream and rock and mountain and step and wind and fog and tiredness and freshness and fear and happiness and peace and joy and you and I and we. And so many Nothing could fit into a person, and so much more could fit into two.”