(in collaboration with artist Marija Plečko)

Often, when we would try to explain our artistic instincts, we would say that everything we create is but a part of the process and as long as it lasts, we will last as well. This process consists of phases that flow from one into another, not violently, so the incoming phase would not cancel the existence of the previous one. Each acquired experience is never lost. It is stored in our memory and influences our future actions, regardless if it is an artistic creation or life itself. So, this present creation is a continuation of the previous ones. The planning was the artistic process of the beginning. Neither rock nor cliff were our inspirations, but the spiritual condition of the moment and creation. And, indeed, the state of our spirit is the element that repeats itself and continues on.
High tide – low tide, autumn – winter, September – October.
Simplicity of gradual change. Mindfulness – peace – order –work. Calmness and silent flow of time.
Change arrives always in due time, without haste or procrastination, always present, moving in a rhythm of her own mindset. At the end it reaches us, just in time.
We’re working. Vacuum of thoughts. We are isolated from reality and unburdened by externalities. Those few minutes or hours we are solely dedicated to ourselves.
We allow a free mind to grow, a mind that exists only for the mind’s sake, not as a reminder or direction in our head.
We feel present. In the moment of that presentness, behind every line, the idea resides. It is not an intention of creating a line, it is much more: already a trace, a movement, a thought and a feeling. So we create minimalist work using minimalist gesture, which holds more energy than it appears at first glance. As if it contains the echo of our soliloquy thus transformed into a myriad of dialogues.
Echo, reverberance, resonance, tremor … and the whole process develops on the frequency that binds us into one hole. Oneness.
In our works of art there still are resemblances although we create together no more. Marija leans towards sculpture while Petra still gravitates toward drawing. Although the medium is different, the idea is our common. The still slow resonance between us, we reverberate further into each of the works. And then it all meets in a breakthrough creating consonance in which we constantly change each other. For thousands of years those changes, and need for them, are profound and same for the whole humanity.
After all, equally as our ancestors, “We are using the same stars as they did,” to quote the sentence from the movie Kon-Tiki, that came out in 2012, by the directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.