Sometimes we sit with our legs thrown over the edge, swing them and move on

Work in progress
(in collaboration with artist Marija Plečko)
”The process goes on. Slowly. Like a glacier. The glacier is a process. Great, steady body. Moves slowly due to stresses induced by its weight. You can recognize it by the cracks which arise because of its movement. As a result of this movement, the glacier gathers rocks and dust pieces. And it flows. And we do. And our thoughts and ideas.
Imagine that you are looking this from above. Sound echoes through the void. Noiseless yet forceful. Like the echo of a blue whale. The movement seems still, peaceful, restful. As if nothing happens, but everything inside is full of life and motion. Unswerving energy. Together we overcome the cracks, together we stall. We run the same glacier. Equally slowly. Conscious of the fact that we are two.“The environmental piece named „Sometimes we sit with our legs thrown over the edge, swing them and move on“ explores our artistic process. We look on it as the act that leads us to seek, wander and find, discuss and combine, creating mental impulses that overlap, interact, transfer, progress, develop and grow. Slowly and nonviolently. Guided by this idea, we created an environment in which our works, fragments, and drawings are deprived of their original autonomy, form, and meaning while their material appearance is put in the service of creating new relationships and dialogues that function as one whole, one composition, one process. Subtle space of balanced thoughts and ideas.